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Photo Restoration
and Colourising

Breathing new life into cherished memories

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Welcome to the MiniAperture Photo Restoration Service! Whether it's a vintage portrait, a faded wedding photograph, or a black-and-white family snapshot, giving your memories a new lease of life is a gift to be treasured for a lifetime. Using the latest technology and a little artistic licensing, I digitally repair, enhance and hand-paint your photos with beautiful colour. The whole process is digital, which means your original photographs are completely untouched. 

Simply send me an email with a scanned copy of your photos for a free quote. Or scroll down to find out more.

Prices & Next Steps

Restoration & Enhancement
Plus colour
1-2 people with a simple background (in a studio with a professional backdrop, etc).
From £35
From £40
A small group of people (max 7), or with a more complex background.
From £55
From £60
8+ people, or a large image with a complex subject (ie aerial image or landscape, etc).
From £70
From £75

Getting started is easy - simply send me a good quality scanned copy of your precious photos via email. Once received, I'll provide you with a personalised quote.

If you're happy with the proposal and ready to proceed, I kindly request settling the invoice before I can commence the restoration. Your restored memories will be sent back to you swiftly via email once the transformation is complete, a process that typically takes a maximum 5-10 working days from the date of payment.

Please keep in mind that your beautifully restored image will be delivered digitally as a JPEG file. I don't provide physical prints as this offers you more freedom to choose your preferred printing and framing service and at the size or format that you want.


The prices above are based on photos that are in good to fair condition. Photos with more extensive areas of damage or in more than one piece will cost more.


Trust MiniAperture to breathe new life into your photos – because every picture tells a story worth preserving!

As a signatory of the Colorizer's Code of Conduct, I have agreed to uphold their high standards for respect and workmanship. Their framework includes the following promises;

  • Respect the original work

  • Pursue authenticity and honesty

  • Acknowledge the derivative character of my work

  • Supplement, not substitute

  • Ensure attribution

  • Seek consent and permission

  • Don't be evil

  • Focus on the public good


1st gallery image: Photographer - C.M.Bell | Sitter: Miss Mink | Date: 1901. Public domain image from Library of Congress

2nd gallery image: Photographer - Otto Sarony | Sitter: Madeleine Louis | Date: 1912. Public domain image from J. Willis Sayre Collection of Theatrical Photographs

3rd gallery image: Photographer - Napoleon Sarony | Sitter: Sissieretta Jones | Date: c.1895. Obtained from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Image of Marilyn Monroe - Still from 1957 film "The Prince and the Showgirl" 

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