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Starting a business during a pandemic... what was I thinking?!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

"A sandwich short of a picnic" springs to mind. But this is, without a doubt, the best decision I've ever made.

Ok, so it hasn't been easy. BUT it has definitely been the most rewarding challenge I have ever thrown myself into. It's also opened more doors than I ever thought possible.

Not only has it involved fine-tuning my craft (the whole reason why I got into this in the first place) but it has involved so much more. Learning business and internet jargon has been like learning a whole new language! SME, B2B, SEO, CTA, USP, plus getting your head around Google analytics, #hashtags and LinkedIn!

And then there's the work/life balance. A busy working mum. Working from home. Homeschooling. Cooking. Cleaning. Booking clients. Replying to emails. Helping with homework. And the hardest of all - Learning when to switch off (I still haven't quite figured that one out).

For a while, I was having to take my children on shoots with me. It felt so unprofessional and there were times when I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. And as a parent I felt awful for doing it. But what amazed me was how understanding and welcoming my clients were.

I was so focused on being "professional" and getting that first impression perfect that I didn't stop to think:

"We're all in the same boat right now, it's not just me."

It felt so reassuring to hear that from other people.

Being my own worst critic has made me doubt myself a lot. But the sheer amount of positive feedback I've had lets me know that I must be doing something right. Especially when you get a phone call from one of Amazon's journalists, wanting to write a feature about you as a new and successful small business!

So, forget the sandwiches and the picnics. A more fitting analogy would be "Like a duck to water" (but still paddling like hell below the surface!)

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