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Virtual Tours & Walkthroughs

Virtual tours and walk-throughs have massively surged in popularity over the last few years and it's easy to see why. At MiniAperture Photography, I use the top of the line 360º and 3D cameras for beautifully capturing the spaces that you want to showcase. This incredibly immersive photography can put your customers right at the heart of your business from wherever they are in the world, whether it's a shop floor, showroom, factory, hotel, offices or even property listings. Your tour can be tailored to fit your business depending on your needs. It's also worth mentioning that virtual tours are great for your search ranking on Google!

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Matterport tours are three-dimensional models of any space or building. They can include touch points for viewers to interact with, providing them with documents, text, videos or links. They're also capable of the stunning "dollhouse view" effect - simply press the play button on one of these Matterport tours then tap the 3D building symbol in the bottom left corner...

Once your tour is built, you'll receive the URL for sharing the space with your audience, such as embedding it on your website (like I've done here) or adding it to a social media post. To help you share your tour in as many places as possible, I'll also create a custom QR code with your branding that you can add to any printed publications such as flyers, business cards, roller banners, magazine adverts, etc.


Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 19.57.00.jpg

In its' simplest form, a Google tour consists of a series of 360º photos that are linked together and given the correct nautical positioning before being published to your Google business account - but don't worry, I do all of that for you. You don't even need to tell me your Google password!

Once published, your tour will also become part of Google Street View, making it exceptionally easy for people to virtually wander in from the street. This is a fantastic way for people to discover and experience your business, which in turn increases your website traffic and your footfall. You can also display them on your website like I've done here.


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Not sure which tour is the best fit for your business?

Simply download my free tour-checker guide below to help you decide.

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