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How to embed your Google Maps Street View virtual tour to your website

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Make a virtual tour with street view and add it to a webpage

How do I get a Google Tour of my business?

Get in touch with us, book a date, and we'll come and visit your business. We'll capture the imagery needed, build your tour and publish it to Google Maps for you. Simples.

We'll also register the tour to your Google My Business account. So it'll also appear on your Google listing under the Street View & 360° photos tab.

I've got my tour, can I put it on my website?

Yes! This is a great place to feature your tour, or if a particular page of your website relates to a certain part of your tour. It's a great way to link your virtual presence with the real world. In fact, the client whose tour is featured in this blog, has embedded their tour onto their website, check it out!

Step One

Go to Google Maps and use the search to bring up your business listing.

Step Two

Click on the Street View & 360° tab to view your tour.

Step Three

Navigate around your Google virtual tour to choose your initial view. This is exactly where your tour will start when you embed it to your website.

Step Four

Once you're happy with your starting view, click on the three white dots in the top left of the window.

Step Five

Select "Embed a map" and copy the html code. Simply paste the code into your website (or send it to your webmaster).

If you'd like an online Google tour of your business, head over to our services section or get in touch with us for a quote.

Et voilà!


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